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Medical Expenses, Meet Clarity.

Take control of your healthcare spending.
Marker is a trusted healthcare advisor you can email or text 24/7.

You say...
Hello! I’m not sure whether I should open an FSA account. Could you help?
John from Marker says...
Hi Kyle, I’d be happy to help talk through this with you. When is a good time to chat?

Marker Advocates are here to help.

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Insurance Plan Selection

Selecting the right health insurance plan can be tricky.

Marker can help you better understand your plan's benefits, coverage, and costs. We'll work with you to understand you and your family's specific healthcare needs, and together we'll make sure you've got the right plan and coverage in place.

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FSA & HSA Account Setup

FSA and HSA accounts offer other ways to save for medical expenses.

We'll work with you to determine which of these tax-advantaged accounts might be best for your unique healthcare situation, and help set you on the right path to getting an FSA or HSA set up and funded.

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Medical Bill Resolution

The average person spends $9,500 per year on medical bills.

For many people, that can be almost 20% of their yearly income. Marker works on your behalf to negotiate, reduce, and sometimes even eliminate surprise medical bills.

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